Nick's Kalinin first interview after a terrible accident in Imola
Nick's Kalinin  first interview after a terrible accident in Imola 17.05.2018

Nick's Kalinin first interview after a terrible accident in Imola

Last season, the race in Imola was remembered by the fans of the Ukrainian rider with his first podium in the World Championship. This year, the rider from Odessa was in the fifth place in the overall standings of the World Championship and entered the fight at fifth position, but the good result of the qualification was made obselete in the race with a terrible fall, after the maneuver of Italian motorcycle rider Manuel Bastianelli. 19-year-old Nick Kalinin for the first time spoke of his condition and the terrible crash in Imola.

Nick, how are you feeling today?

- I can say that it's better than after the accident :). Now I still have weakness, sometimes a little pain in my leg, but in general I have gained strength quickly enough and have returned to normal. After the fall, I tried almost all the time to rest, I had felt dizzy, but now I don't have it. Most of all I'm worried about the leg, not in terms of pain, but how quickly I will be allowed to start developing the muscles.

And what is the forecast for the full restoration of the leg and returning to the race?

- I would like to start training. When I fell down, I was very upset that I would probably miss the tests scheduled after Imola. But the question of my return is hanging in the air; on Monday-Wednesday we will have the first idea of how recovery is taking place. We keep in touch with the main doctor of the championship and as soon as there are results of a new medical check - we will have a plan. Now we can not make hasty conclusions and make decisions, but I am ready to do anything to return as soon as possible.

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Do you remember the moment of the accident?

- Yes, and this was the worst fall in my career. From the start of the race everything turned out well. I returned a few positions and went to the leading group. I really felt that I could keep a good pace and fight for the podium. The main thing was not to take risks. I missed a few pilots, because I realized that the main fight will be on the last lap and currently it was just necessary to stick with the first group.

On the third lap, I rode at my own pace and suddenly felt a strong blow from behind to my right side. I did not see who it was, it happened in a split second. I could no longer control the situation, the bike flew to the side and I with it. I thought about brace for impact and not getting under the wheels of other pilots. When it was over, I saw that there was no visor on my helmet. But the equipment and some angel saved me. I was conscious, took off my gloves and understood what was going on. My Mom and little sister came to the race with me, so all that I wanted at that moment was to inform them that I was alive and not so bad overall.

- Did you watch the race? What can you say about your accident and about how the rival was riding?

- I still have not watched the race, but when I was in the hospital in Imola - I was shown the moment of the collision. The official interpretation of the incident should be given by the Race Direction. Thanks to the video, I found out that it was Bastianelli who flew into me. Before the contact, he caught a slip-stream and, of course, began to ride faster, but how he rode after was his decision and you must ask only Manuel about it. I heard a lot of opinions about it, including that he wanted to take me out. But to be exactly behind me and especially to sit out ... it's impossible to plan this, nobody knows in advance where you will be in the race.

In general, if speaking about the situation of riders who ride on a wild card: they have only one chance to show themselves, and especially when it's going to be at a home track. They do not fight for the championship, so they aren’t so afraid to take risks. But for me, every race is part of a huge work for the result, which I, my team, sponsors and fans will have at the end of the year. I had good chances to fight at least for the top 3 in the world championship.

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Nick, we, together with all the fans of the World Superbike, are waiting for news about your return already at the next stages!

- Yes, thank you very much for your support! Immediately after the fall, when relatives were admitted to the hospital, they read to me the words of support that the fans wrote on social networks. It gave me strength, I became more likely to be on the mend thanks to it. I really love racing, I'm very grateful to everyone for their support, so see you soon!

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